Our Clients

Who we serve

As we have mentioned, each of our clients is unique. We have worked with firms who are just starting out and those who have been established for more than a generation. We have worked with those who are affiliated with a Broker-Dealer and those who are independent Registered Investment Advisors. We have worked with TAMPs and Insurance Brokers, Fee-Based and Fee-Only, large, small and everything in between.

One thing that we have found to be paramount for the clients that we serve is that they want to pass the marketing reigns to us. And that they understand that digital marketing results do not take place overnight. 

When it comes to what we do best, comprehensive marketing strategies, we find that our sweet spot is with independent RIAs with at least $150mm AUM. For a full-service marketing engagement, it is in this space where our clients gain the most benefit and we are able to help them grow and succeed with a long-term perspective.

That is not to say that we can't help other firms that are structured in a different way or that have less than $150mm in AUM. Typically, however, it is on a case by case basis, and we provide a more limited service offering or work on a project basis.

Read below for a bit more information about the types of clients we have and how we work with them.

Fee-Only RIAs

We work with a great many fee-only financial advisors and understand the nature of this type of structure. You are looking, typically, for clients with no less than $1mm investable assets, you have a commitment to the fiduciary oath and it is inherent in your business model, the relationships that you have with your existing clients is paramount to your success and the content that you share (and the manner in which you share it) is crucial to maintaining your identity as an independent firm with strong core values. On top of that, you are busy. You want to grow your firm but not in a way that is going to stifle your ability to continue to serve your A and B clients. Afterall they have been the driving force behind the growth of your business for years right? The idea of implementing a new third party marketing program sounds scary, expensive and time-consuming. Did we hit the nail on the head? Take a chance on a phone call to get into how we might be the right fit.

Fee-Based RIAs

While many of the advisors we work with are Fee-Only RIAs, we also work with hybrid advisors who are in the fee-based model. As stated above, we know you. You are busy, perhaps even busier than our fee-only friends. Many of you are doing several monthly seminars, working with clients to help them maintain the longevity of the retirement savings they have worked so hard to accrue, managing a staff that can help you keep your calendar in order and your administrative functions running tip-top so that you can build your business, grow your AUM and continue to offer insurance products to those who are best suited for them. Your relationships with clients are important and it is equally important that you are getting new ones on a regular basis. If you are doing classes, dinner events or seminars you are likely paying through the nose for direct mail communications and, perhaps, you are seeing not so tremendous results lately. If you aren't doing events and you are trying to focus on growing your AUM, you may be finding it difficult to surpass that $50mm AUM so that you can finally reduce the amount of focus you have to give to insurance and other products. We are with you. We think we could help. Want to give it a shot?

Hybrid Advisors

Do you own your own planning firm but you outsource your investment management? Typically referred to in the industry as hybrid advisors, you are similar to fee-based RIAs but you are not your own RIA. We have several clients who operate as hybrid advisors and we work well with them. The only challenge that we face is that we must run all content through the investment management company's compliance department. This is rarely an issue, but it can result in a delay from time to time. We are adept at working with compliance departments whether they are housed within the firm or without. We are also skilled in the understanding of what should and should not be written from a compliance standpoint. For Hybrid Advisors looking to advance their marketing strategy and expand their brand recognition, we can facilitate the process and provide a great framework to grow your business. Call us to discuss your unique business model and your marketing objectives.

Turn Key Asset Management Firms

TAMPs are a special breed of business. We got our feet wet a number of years ago and helped an RIA turn his proprietary portfolio and investment management process into his very own TAMP. From creating the marketing materials for interested advisors to the client-facing white labeling, we helped our TAMP client gain instant recognition as the new kid on the block in the industry. We managed the advertising strategy and budget, provided all of the graphic design and technology integration, we helped him format the onboarding process for new advisors and configure his advisor portal. Being a TAMP, whether you are just starting out or you are well-established, requires constant marketing. We may be small but we know what it takes for your firm's success. Perhaps you have an in-house marketing department. Let's set up a call so that we can give you a free evaluation of what you might benefit from improving.