Our Story

In early 2013, Anna Shea, President & Founder of Illuminated Advisors decided that there was a void that needed to be filled in the financial services industry. After working as the COO of a wealth management firm, she had seen how difficult it was for advisors to properly and consistently execute a marketing strategy that was effective and efficient. And so was born AES Virtual Consulting (now Illuminated Advisors). 

In the beginning,  AES offered marketing and content writing services to financial advisors. As the clientele grew and the need for hands-on digital marketing support was evident from the advisors she served, so evolved the company into what it is today. 

The Illuminated Evolution

As we have grown so too has our suite of services and commitment to providing a unique experience to every client with whom we engage. We believe that no two firms are alike. Each advisor we work with has a different approach to how they communicate with their clients and prospects as well as different goals for business development.

We not only continue to provide content and marketing strategies, we provide technology integrations, graphic design, email marketing, lead generation and so much more. 

We think that each unique marketing objective requires a unique approach. Every style should be spoken for and every financial advisor should be able to tell their story without a cookie cutter marketing strategy.

On Marketing and Design

It isn't the brightness of the bulb, but the quality of the light that matters most.

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