In your personalized portal, you will be able to upload documents, share links, ask questions, comment on articles, view and manage tasks, view and manage your marketing calendar, manage team members and even chat with us directly via instant messenger. We understand that with anything there is a bit of a learning curve and we will be available for one on one phone calls to help you better navigate the portal.

In order to have access to the portal you must be a client and you must have been sent an invitation with a unique link to your portal access page. 

Please bookmark the following url:

Upon logging in you will see a welcome note with explicit instructions as to how to use the dashboard, where to store certain files and where to share your comments, links and other items. Your dashboard will also be populated with recent files like agendas, blogs, contact lists and other documents.

Once you are comfortable with the new dashboard we strongly encourage you to use this as your primary means of communications with our team. Everything that you communicate from the portal comes directly to us via a notification email and push notification on our devices. Sending an email or requesting a phone call for everyday items would be redundant, time consuming and not conducive to our commitment to providing prompt and efficient service to all of our clients. We understand that adhering to this may take some time and we will allow for that. We may however, start sending out reminders about our new communications practices for clients.