In a few minutes, you are going to receive an email from Anna Shea from Illuminated Advisors with the Subject You are invited to join Anna Shea on Illuminated Advisors. The email will look like this:

You can follow the link by clicking the button or clicking the link at the bottom of the email and there you will be prompted to create your username and password for your marketing dashboard.

Once logged in please go to the Articles/Project Files section:


Then click on the Admin folder:

There you will find, among other files, a word document of your agreement to review and provide comment on if needed:

Please review the word document and either:

1. If there are any changes needed please enable annotation mode and click in the area that you wish to comment on. We will review the changes or comments and act accordingly until the agreement is one that both parties agree to.


2. If there are no changes, download the pdf, sign it and scan it back to the same folder.

Once you have signed the agreement, Anna Shea will sign the agreement and save it in the Admin Folder.

Once you have signed the agreement please complete the Client Onboarding Questionnaire and submit your first installment payment. You will be emailed with a link to complete the Client Onboarding Questionnaire.

After this has been completed we will commence phase 1 of our services.

We will be communicating with you using the marketing portal, often referred to as Clinked. If you are an iPhone user, your Marketing Dashboard has an App where you can receive notifications and communicate in real time. Search Clinked in the App store.

Please communicate with us using the portal. This is where you and we will share files, comments, questions, and ideas. This is also where we will manage our marketing calendar and tasks. If you need assistance familiarizing yourself with the marketing dashboard, please schedule a support call where we can do a screen share.