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Content Creation

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In an industry that is rife with canned, mundane, encyclopedic articles littering people's inboxes and keyword searches, Illuminated Advisors strives to speak to your clients, prospects, and centers of influence on your behalf with a tone of humanity and personality.

We help our clients draft thoughtful and compelling articles, newsletters, and social posts that speak to their audience's pain points, needs, and experiences. By writing articles for you, or providing you with a content library of well-written and personal articles on subjects that are meaningful to your clients, we offer customized content that is unlike our industry counterparts'. 

Our social media management and content creation is tailored specifically for your audience and does not operate in the robot automation fashion of other social media content providers.

We also provide tailored quarterly newsletters, website content, and whitepaper drafting on a project basis.

Financial Goals Matter:
The irony of it all is that financial goals do matter a great deal. We start without clearly defined goals and hope we can make it to the place where you can confidently say that you are going to achieve broad financial objectives. We help clarify what it means to retire confidently with a plan in place for your legacy, define a strategy for your retirement spending, and identify what else truly matters when it comes to your wealth and well-being.

Being on the same page emotionally and intellectually when it comes to money is a tall order. Communication and being open about your history and relationship with money is a great place to start. For many people, there is a great deal of fear or doubt when it comes to talking about money. The only way to have the confidence to reach your goals is to start with a discussion about what can get you there and what might be standing in your way. We take great pride in being able to help our clients have these conversations and even greater pride in charting the course for them to meet their objectives.

Ultimately, the path you choose to take in your relationship is shaped by many factors ranging from cultural to financial to just plain logic and love. Every couple will have different reasons for making the choices they do. Whether you tie the knot, or not, it is important to have confidence in the choice you’ve made from a planning perspective. At Northstar, we specialize in the unique circumstances that women experience throughout their lives. Should you find the need to speak with a financial advisor, we look forward to engaging in a dialogue and process of creating a plan specifically designed with your wealth and well-being in mind.

It is in our human nature to have emotional responses. If acted upon, these reactions can be damaging to your investment performance during time of uncertainty. When people are scared or elated, it has been proven that most investors behave badly. This natural reaction creates a tendency to react quickly or overreact when there are disruptions, both large and small, in the financial markets. Having a relationship built on trust with an advisor can help you stay on track with your investment goals through good times and bad.

When it comes to financial planning, we spend a lot of time talking with our clients about what they want their financial legacy to be. Beyond the money and assets, they will leave to their family and charities they care about, we often discuss how that legacy will be used and what financial philosophies they will leave behind. For example, clients may have misgivings about leaving substantial assets to their children for fear it will spoil them, encourage a poor work ethic, or give them a sense of entitlement. When it comes to giving to charities, our clients often want to make sure their funds are being used for the causes and purposes that are meaningful to them and that they are making the right types of gifts that will make a lasting impact. These concerns and questions are significant, and careful planning, as well as good communication, go a long way in making your legacy impactful and purposeful.

Original Articles

We provide ghostwriting for many of our clients. We draft original articles on your behalf and post them to your website's blog. This service is offered as part of our comprehensive marketing package. We offer ghostwritten articles a la carte. (call for pricing)

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Social Media Posts

We write original posts that link to articles, videos, media announcements, and other aspects of your website. We share up to 2 posts per day on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for each of our comprehensive plan clients. We also create infographics and events listings per client requests and, in some cases for an additional fee.

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Newsletters, Whitepapers, Website Content

Many of our clients utilize our special projects services on an ongoing basis and incorporate it into their comprehensive marketing package. We also provide these services on a project basis to new or existing clients.

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