Email Marketing

The most effective way to improve your SEO, engage with your clients and generate new business is through strategic email marketing campaigns.

Email Campaigns and Drip Series

Email marketing is about more than sending out an email every few weeks. There must be a strategy and a format for every email that you send out. That strategy must always align with your marketing objectives. For many financial advisors, marketing agencies put them on an autopilot email program with canned content that, other than a contact us link at the bottom of the email, doesn't connect the email audience with their website. 

For an effective email campaign to render response, opens and click-throughs, it is critical to introduce new and relevant content each and every time an email is sent out, connect with your audience on a personal level, target to specific audiences and provide three or more instances on the email where people can click through to content and resources on your website. For each and every one of our clients, we manage this process from start to finish. 

Bi-Weekly and Monthly Enewsletters

We draft newsletters as often as twice monthly for our clients. With a customized introduction that connects with your clients and contacts, followed by an image and teaser paragraph to your latest blog entry, plus an additional image and resource that people can click through to (infographic, informational video, related article or media announcement) the emails that we create for our clients are one of a kind, every time so that your clients and contacts don't skip over them like clutter when they arrive in their inbox. 

Prospect Drip Campaigns

Each time a contact is added to your email list, they are sent to the prospect drip automation queue. This process delivers biweekly emails that ask them to connect with you on social media and provide them with information about your firm, your team, your process and how it relates to them. Every two weeks for ten weeks they will receive one of these customized emails that serve to keep your firm at the top of their minds. 

Customized Subscription Forms and List Management

In addition to managing your entire email marketing strategy and execution, we also create branded list subscription forms and profile update emails and we manage all of your lists. When there is an addition, we take care of it, when there is a deletion, that's us too. We update your lists and ensure that the information on them is as current as possible. Through integrations from our other software platforms we can make this process streamlined and automated and, if your CRM is compatible with our platforms, we can keep the information is your email marketing software as up to date as your CRM.  

Reporting and Analysis

As with any sound marketing strategy, we review and evaluate the outcomes of your email campaigns and identify opportunities for improvement and celebrate instances of success. We provide this information to you on a monthly basis in a comprehensive report that is tailored to your objectives and strategy.

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